If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ll be itching to tackle more challenging jobs as your confidence grows, like installing an air conditioning system. Resist the urge! Some things are best left to the professionals. An improper air conditioner installation will leave you sitting in a pool of sweat when humidity levels rise in Murray, Kentucky. Here are three problems associated with incorrect air conditioning installation.

Risk of Injury

Air conditioning installation comes with risks. Not only can you suffer a fall from a ladder, you can also cut yourself on the sharp metal parts. A professional technician is equipped with the right tools for the job. They also know how to safely connect the electrical wiring without the risk of electrocution. Safety is also one reason you need to call the pros to repair an AC unit rather than try to fix it yourself.

Poor AC Performance

During those hot Murray summers, there’s nothing worse than an air conditioner that isn’t cooling properly. Often, the problem stems from an improper installation or inaccurately sized unit. Installing a unit that is too big or too small results in an inefficient system that will use more energy and increase your electric bill. An HVAC contractor will conduct a load calculation to determine the correct unit size needed to meet your home’s needs.

Shortened AC Lifespan

Replacing an air conditioner is a sizable expense. When investing in a new AC, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. An air conditioner that is inaccurately sized or incorrectly installed has to work harder to cool a house. The harder an air conditioner has to work, the sooner it will wear out. Trying to cut corners will only result in spending money on regular repairs and replacing the unit earlier than expected.

As tempting as it may be to install an air conditioner yourself, don’t overestimate your skills. At Thornton Heating & Air, our trained professionals know how to install an air conditioner correctly and quickly so that you can stay cool in the Murray heat. Call us at 270-753-8181.

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