Heat Pump Repair & Installation Service for Western Kentucky

Heat Pump Installation and Repair

Heat pumps are an environmentally-friendly alternative to furnaces since they simply transfer heat energy from one area to another. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling from the same unit, which eliminates the requirement for a separate air conditioner and furnace. If you need heat pump service in Murray, Benton or Mayfield, call the pros at Thornton Heating & Air today.

The Essential Heat Pump

Air conditioners and heat pumps share many basic components. While the coils are modified, the biggest difference is the inclusion of a “reversing valve” that changes the direction of the refrigerant flow. The cooling cycle is almost identical to a standard air conditioner, but when the unit is changed over to the heating mode, heat energy is pulled from the outdoor air and brought into the living environment. Heat pumps work really well in mild winter weather, but efficiency declines quickly once the temperature approaches freezing.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

For heat pump replacement and new installation applications, always choose a heat pump that fits comfortably into your budget and has all the features you want. Your new heat pump installation should include the following processes:

  • Complete System Design: At Thornton, every heat pump replacement system installation starts with a complete set of load calculations. Our designers want to learn how your home responds to changes in the prevailing weather conditions. You can rest assured your new heat pump system is engineered to keep every room in your home comfortable through every season.
  • Testing: All new heat pump systems are performance tested and air balanced to ensure consistent comfort throughout your home.
  • Ductwork Inspection: Your air distribution system plays a critical role in maximizing efficiency and maintaining consistent comfort. Our service techs will make sure loose connections are strapped and sealed properly so the right amount of conditioned air is delivered at each register.

Heat Pump Repair

Modern heat pumps are built to provide many years of reliable service, but harsh weather and accumulated usage will eventually take their toll. If your heat pump breaks down and needs to be repaired, our service techs will quickly locate the problem and make the required repairs to restore full functionality. For emergencies, we provide 24/7 emergency service.

Call the Heat Pump Professionals

If you’re looking for heat pump repair, installation or maintenance service, call the courteous professionals at Thornton. One of our comfort specialists can answer all your questions and set up an appointment for a free heat pump evaluation.