How your heat pump works depends on the type that you have in your Murray, KY home. However, all heat pumps have the same purpose. Essentially, it moves warm air from one space to another to heat your property in the winter and cool it in the summer. All that you have to do is change your thermostat to cool and set the temperature.

Moves Warm Air Outside

An air-source system moves air between the indoors and outdoors. It’s the most common type of unit that homeowners have. To cool your home, it sucks in warm indoor air and blows it outside. At the same time, a high-efficiency system dehumidifies your space. It often dehumidifies better than a traditional air conditioner, which improves its cooling effects.

Air-source HVAC comes in various types depending on your needs. These include ducted, ductless and short-run ducted systems. They can be split or packaged systems, which means that they either have one indoor and one outdoor unit or just one outdoor unit.

Absorbs Warm Air

Relatively new to HVAC is the absorption heat pump. Rather than running on electricity like an air-source system, it uses a natural source such as natural gas or solar-heated water. The unit uses an ammonia-water absorption cycle to cool your home.

It condenses ammonia or refrigerant in a coil to release heat. After the pressure is reduced, it evaporates the refrigerant to absorb heat. This means that the system sucks in warm indoor air to cool your home. Then, the evaporated ammonia absorbs the heat instead of releasing it.

Having an efficient home cooling system can improve your comfort, reduce energy consumption and save money. If you need HVAC repairs or want to upgrade to a high-efficiency system, you can check Thornton Heating & Air’s page on heat pump services or call (270) 753-8181.