During much of the year in Mayfield, Kentucky, the temperatures are warm and the humidity levels are high. If your home’s HVAC system isn’t managing the spikes and shifts, you could be struggling with an uncomfortable living space during the hottest seasons of the year. For improved indoor comfort, a ductless HVAC system could be the solution you’re looking for. Read on to learn how these systems can enhance your comfort.

More Flexible Heating and Cooling

A traditional heating and cooling system forces heated or cooled air through ducts. Since a ductless HVAC system doesn’t need ducts, the air is pushed directly into the room in which the unit is located, offering zoned heating and cooling for more flexibility. Ductless HVAC systems are also referred to as split, multi-split, and mini-split systems. Each system consists of an outdoor unit and at least one wall-mounted unit. Multiple indoor wall-mounted units can be used to target specific zones.

Improved Efficiency

Although comfort is a key factor in the decision to go ductless, another reason to make the switch is improved efficiency. Switching over to a ductless system can save homeowners up to 30 percent on their heating and cooling bills.

Ducts tend to have gaps, leaks, and clogs, which means the system has to work harder to force the air through the gaps. Without those ducts, the air moves directly into your space for more targeted and efficient airflow. You can also create zones and only heat or cool the areas people are using, rather than having to use a whole-home HVAC system that delivers air to unoccupied rooms.

Better Air Quality

When dust, pet hair, dander, dirt, and other debris settle in your HVAC system’s ducts, this can result in poor indoor air quality that makes your family sick. Ductless systems include filters that keep these allergens and particles from moving into the air you breathe, creating a healthier indoor atmosphere.

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