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Many people believe that closing all the interior doors in your Murray, Kentucky, home will make your HVAC system more efficient by limiting the amount of space you need to heat or cool. Unfortunately, this method is ineffective, and it can waste energy instead of saving it. You should keep your interior doors open to lower your utility bills, increase your indoor air quality, and make your family comfortable.

Lowering Your Utility Bills

Closing the door to a room won’t help your system run more efficiently because any vents in the area will still be open. Your HVAC system could end up working harder and making the rest of your home too warm or too cool. To avoid heating or cooling unoccupied rooms, have a zoning system installed in your ductwork or use a ductless system with more than one indoor air handler. You can use dampers to direct conditioned air where it’s needed most or shut off the units that aren’t near people.

Increasing Your Indoor Air Quality

Keeping doors in your home open will increase airflow through your HVAC system and its air filter. As long as you change the filter about once per month, it will catch dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants before they can accumulate in your system’s ductwork and cause inconvenient breakdowns or allergy symptoms.

Making Everyone Comfortable

Closing doors could lead to hot spots in summer or drafts in winter. Conditioned air that’s trapped in a room often escapes through gaps in insulation instead of going where it’s needed. Also, biological growth can thrive in places without much ventilation, causing damage to your home and unpleasant smells. Opening doors will make keeping constant temperatures in your home easier, and it can help keep problems with biological growth at bay.

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